Tillamook had been in Texas and California for decades but sales were down. They needed to properly reintroduce themselves, so we rounded up two farmers from Oregon and hit the road for a multi-channel cultural exchange. Tillamook took the time to experience the unique things about Texas and California, then returned the favor by offering something unique and wonderful from Oregon – cheese samples on toothpicks.

Luke & Dale

Moms and kids spend lots of time on handheld devices in and around the kitchen. They do it at very specific times of the day. And most importantly, they love cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and all things Tillamook. This campaign engaged moms and kids on weekday mornings, and immediately after school.

Tastes Better Because It’s Made Better

The Tillamook Cheese Factory has been one of the most visited tourist destinations in Oregon for years. The actual tour had always been a pretty simple peek behind the curtain before the main event: free cheese and ice cream. We helped transform the tour experience through a combination of signage, on-site materials, and a series of films.

Cheese Factory