A little footwear company in Beaverton, Oregon was the pioneer in connected sport and had over 30 million users before other products began to effectively create a challenge in the category. The explosion of running clubs nationwide provided the perfect opportunity to evolve their running app beyond its roots as a personal activity tracker. In order to maintain its leadership position, we helped them relaunch across all mobile, desktop, and in-store touch points.

Run Club

The global leader in athletic footwear had been in business over 50 years. Their annual revenue had passed the $30 billion mark and their workforce had grown to 60k employees, yet they had managed to hang on to their independent, free-spirited, soul. What they didn’t have was any type of security training whatsoever. No data or device security. No travel security. No social media security. We were tasked with developing a global campaign that would bring their entire workforce into the 21st century without compromising their culture of freedom and innovation.

Keep It Tight