Schaefer’s core customers had been with them for decades. The brand was anchored by printed catalogues and transitioning to being more digitally driven. They needed to update their look and attract new customers without alienating their base.

The brand was heavily rooted in workdays on the ranch, but every Ranch Hand goes home to their family at night, takes vacations, and spends time with friends. “For Land. For Life.” expanded the brand beyond work hours.

We were tasked with two objectives: evolve the brand to have a broader appeal and significantly increase online sales, ultimately becoming less reliant on catalog sales. With such a niche market, it was a balancing act of staying authentic to the brand yet modernizing it to connect more in a digital world.

The task was tall but in partnership with the client, we delivered. Online sales increased by 85%. New website users increased by 22%. And our AOV increased by 18%. 30% of new sales came from social media campaigns (primarily Facebook). And for every dollar spent on social, we saw 10 times the increase in our return on investment.